Friday, January 2, 2015

Steeler Nation

My love for the Steelers is something you should know by now.  I'm from Pittsburgh, even though I'm a Maryland girl now, and the tradition runs deep.  My grandfather was a steel mill worker, there have been season tickets in my family for a couple generations now.  

The Black and Gold is part of who I am.

Now when it comes to being a Pittsburgh girl in Baltimore, things get a little crazy.  I love my team, I'm proud of my roots, and that doesn't go so well in Baltimore.  

Ravens fans are passionate about their hate for my Steelers.  They make it known, and I try to remain calm because that's what my Dad taught me, but they push it man.

I usually only have to deal with the drama twice a season, but tomorrow night is a playoff AFC game.  I have been to a few, the championship a few years ago with my sister was a game I'll remember for the rest of my life, what I can remember of it.

So many of my loved ones are Ravens fans so I try to stay calm, use my words, and realize it's just a game.  

My family is coming over for the game, and this should be interesting to see who survives.  I'm not lighting any candles or using a glass, so hopefully everyone makes it out alive.



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