Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Face Palm

Right about now I will be drifting in and out of a cough syrup coma on my couch surrounded by piles of Kleenex and mugs of tea.  The snow will be on the ground outside and I will be wrapped in a blanket, until I get the hot flashes and then I will kicked said blanket off, before the chills come back to visit.

I'll be online shopping for things I don't need, like dozens of mason jars and movies I haven't seen since 1994 (hey Blank Check).

I'll be catching up on my favorite blogs, dreaming of a time in the near future when I can actually get in front of the camera and make this thing happen.

I'm having a sick day, and it's not the sick days I remember as a kid.  

Where's my mom with the grilled cheese when I need her?

How many Real Housewives shows are too many housewives shows?

Why does ESPN just go on a loop?

Didn't that chick on Days of Our Lives die like 5 years ago?

Get. Me. Out.


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