Monday, January 19, 2015

Link Love

This weekend didn't turn out as expected (shocker), but none the less I got my day to spend with my newest obsession House of Cards (thanks to my sister for the Netflix hookup) and cuddling on my couch.

Now it's Monday again (ugh) and time to round how to distract yourself if you're actually at work, like me, on MLK day.

  • One of the first bloggers I ever consistently read, Grace, has a new website and it's inspiring.

  • My BFF CBK and I have newly launched a plan for a Euro trip in the coming year, any fun tips would help.  I read up on Mary's post about traveling with friends for ideas.

  • BaubleBar is having their MLK sale, so you know what I'll be doing all day.

In celebration of MLK day let's all have a peaceful Monday.  Take a minute to put any kind of hatred or  negativity aside and remember what makes our country a great one.


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  1. thank you for linking up! so happy that you like the new site. xx