Monday, March 2, 2015


When you get a phone call from your mom to take a last minute trip to a famous spa, you go. Easy enough, yes?

Luckily for me,  Hershey Spa is only a little over an hour from my house, and I was looking into fun ideas for my sister and I to do before her wedding.  I had never been and once we pulled up to the hotel I feel in love.  

The old architecture, the smiling hosts, and chocolate handed to you with the room key.

What's not to love. 

 Mom shows me the lay of the land, seeing as she's an old veteran, and then we found a cozy little bar to grab a drink and wait for our lunch reservation in the spa.

We had a lovely bartender who invited us to a mini wine tasting before we made a final choice.  Drinking our white wine and catching up, trying to figure out dinner plans, our new favorite bartender advised she had our problem sorted and would have us a table for the night since they were expecting a band.

Best service and good wine.  We then ventured to the spa to change into our robes and headed down to lunch, surround by dozens of other ladies doning the same robes and waited for our lunch reservation.

We tried a bit of everything with a side of wine.

The deserts were the exactly what you would expect from the home of Hershey chocolate, amazing.

After our boozy, but tasty lunch, we headed to one of the quiet rooms, where I found a lounge chair close to an endless supply of tea and a pile of magazines. 

This weekend the spa was over run with groups, so being a last minute decision the only services we could get was a manicure for mom and a pedicure for me.

Toughest decision of the day.  

I rushed as fast as my wet, but beautiful, feet could take me to the room to throw on something other than a robe, and meet mom for dinner.  

Our lovely bartender positioned us at a seat next to the jazz band, and we were entertained by people who looked to be auditioning for Dancing With the Stars, while sharing a delicious margarita pizza and more wine.

I slept like you would expect after a few glasses of wine and the most relaxing afternoon I've possibly ever had, amazing.  

We woke up the next morning to a fresh blanket of snow, grabbed a coffee and a chocolate biscotti (had to) and headed out of my little dream land to home.

Needless to say it's no surprise Hershey Hotel and Spa is continuously recognized for their exceptional service and amenities.  It was outstanding and I felt like I fell into a movie.  

I always imagined what a spa experience was based on that Gilmore Girl episode when Lorelai and her mom go and have to sneak out for wine and a steak because the only thing the spa offered was cucumber water.

Luckily I was wrong. I can't wait to go back for the full experience with my sister sometime soon!


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