Monday, March 23, 2015

Fork You

I'm trying to really enjoy and relax my last few weekends before grad school starts again.  

I've been doing things I don't do, like taking baths.  Thank you Tanya Burr for my new Lush obsession.

I'm grocery shopping for all these fresh and healthy foods, and then finding a fork outside the store flicking me off.  Charming.

I'm trying to make healthy versions of chocolate goodies, and failing miserably.  Tried Rosie's Chocablock with almond milk and a couple other healthy substitutes and it failed miserably.

Spent a Sunday afternoon with Prince Charming.  

School starts again in 2 weeks and I will then be spending my weekends glued to my couch doing homework, so I'm living it up by living it down.


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