Thursday, January 16, 2014

Top of my lungs

Y'all know by now my love for everything music and that includes musical competitions.  Well two new ones have begun and I'm already full on invested, of course.  The Voice UK and American Idol started this week.  Now I haven't watched much of American Idol, especially since Steven Tyler stopped judging and it was all Mariah vs. Nicky.

I love, love, LOVE this year's judging panel for American Idol! I love JLo coming back, Keith Urban is probably my favorite live performer and Harry Connick Jr. is a legend in music.

Onto The Voice UK, so they've replaced Jesse and Danny with Kylie Minogue and Ricky.  Now I'm in no way familiar with Ricky, I YouTubed his band and I'm still lost.  He's super talented but I'm just not invested, and I was in love with Danny.  I adore Kylie, but she's not Jessie  J, so the only person I'm for real rooting for is

I can't wait to find new voices and new music.  I love finding a new perspective, but I have low expectations for American Idol since I've lost interest early in the last few years.  My people in the UK are usually more reliable in finding some real, different talent, so we shall see.  Dude a chick did a harp accompaniment to "Get Lucky"!

I hope everyone is having a good week! I feel like my life is getting ready for a crazy take off.  Anyone interested in The Voice UK it's on YouTube!


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