Monday, January 27, 2014

Just a TSwift hair flip away....

Last night was Grammy night, which is usually one of my favorites because of my obsession with everything music.  I had a few blown away moments but Imagine Dragons with Kendrick Lamar owned last night.  I in no way saw it coming either, but they just made me want to go to the gym immediately and ROCK out.

My other fave of course was Ms. TSwifty, she performed one of my favorite songs off of Red and did it while playing the piano and flipping her hair like it was on fire.  Then she proceeded to dance her ass off for the rest of the night, that's my girl!

The clothes, OK true confessions, I didn't watch the pre-show.  I went to the gym, made lunch and just was too tired to get into it. But I saw some I fell in love with.

1. Taylor Swift in Gucci- I mean this is exquisite.  This is perfection for her, and I even dig the pony tail.  

2. Miranda Lambert in Pamela Rolland-My girl, my songwriting hero, badass mother effer chick Miranda looked SMASHING in red.  I love her tan, I love the earrings, I love the dress. I think she is moving closer to the too skinny section of my life but rock on with your badself Miranda!!

3. Chrissy Teigen in Johanna Johnson-This woman may be one of the most breathtaking women I have ever seen in my life, and she's fucking hilarious if you follow her on Twitter.  This dress just rocks.  I love her with the messy but gorgeous hair and the slit up the front.  She's married to John Legend and the way he sings deserves a women who looks like this.

I'm not doing a worst dressed list, it's the Grammys, everyone gets funky and a little nuts, but Google Madonna and that about sums it up to me. 

Seeing Willie Nelson, Chris Christopherson, Merele Haggard and Blake Shelton take the stage and sing  together was an exhibit on why country music is everything to me.  I love these men, I love their music, and I love their grit.  They are what I listened to when I was younger and fell in love with that "blue collar" real country feeling.  They remind me of my Granddaddy and I loved it.   I know the vocals were a little rough, but one man has been smoking weed since 1920 so yo have to forgive him.

I'm not a Madonna fan, but the Macklamore and Ryan Lewis performance was EPIC! I was crying, and just seeing the world move toward the mentality that love is universal no matter who you love is so awesome! 

Miranda Lambert and Billie Joe Armstrong sang one of my parent's song's "When Will I Be Loved" by the Everly Brothers, and she just looked stunning.  

My 30 day no shopping was maintained this weekend! Sorry for the terrible selfies, but they're keeping me accountable.

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sweater-Gap, pants-NY&Co, necklack-Forever 21

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