Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#MyTunesTuesday Epicness

I have a really, really great soul sister (hey Cait!) who has this insane connection to Gwen Stefani and No Doubt.  My homegirl is no joke, she lives for them and connects to their music so much it's this epic feeling she gets, which made me think about what song make me feel epic.  She did a blog post about this as well (which is the link above) and we had a few texts exchange about it, which got me thinking about which song are my epic songs, here ya go!

1. Adele-Hometown Glory-This was the first song I thought of when Cait and I had this conversation.  This song I heard years ago when 19 first came out and I just felt like this was the most epic thing I've heard in years.  This song just nails every feeling you have about that place you're from and add Adele's voice into this and you've got that instant classic.  This song to me feels like a religious experience.  The live one killssssss

2. John Mayer-Gravity- I remember when this song came out, I was in college and was in a very messy situation with my group of friends and boys and things were going south at a very fast pace for me.  I remember skipping classes to lay in bed and watch The View because I couldn't deal with everything.  John Mayer has been a longtime love of mine, even though he's kinda douchey, his music is fantastic.  This song hit me and just nailed everything I was feeling and thinking at that time.

3. Knight's Harvest-Dancing in the Moonlight-When I was in the middle of the whole "dad dying of cancer" episode, we had this terrible snow storm and were off school, my best friend's mom picked me and my two other best friends up and was going to drive us to her house to have a sleepover.  Before we got there we stopped at the grocery store and while my mom's friend went into the store my nutzo best friend blasted this song, rolled the windows down and danced around the car while the rest of us sang.  I didn't have many pure, carefree moments during those years but this was one of them.

4. Elvis Presley-Can't Help Falling in Love with You-There was a lot of Elvis in my household growing up with my Mommy.  I remember washing dishes on a chair helping her when I was little and this song was playing and she would just sing terribly, like really terribly.  I had the best childhood, I was really lucky, and this Elvis song has followed me around reminding me of my Mom all the time.

There could be a million more, there could be every Adele song ever written because she is that person to me but these are a few.


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