Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hi, I'm EMJ and I'm a Shopaholic

OK, y'all, I was doing really, really well with the no shopping thing.  I walked the mall, not even getting tempted. My email was flooded with discounts, and I was snowed in for 2 days and I kept it together!  Then, I had a Courtney Loves Dallas Marathon while I was on the treadmill last night, and all this BaubleBar talk just got to me.  I saw Courtney Kerr's accessories and I caved, OK.

It was just a tiny mistake, and I got 15% off as a new user so it was basically what I would spend on a sushi dinner, so it's cool.  I'm totally back on the wagon. Promise.

Moving on, so y'all know my love for Courtney Loves Dallas, I tweet like it's my job and I realized why.  It's been since Bethenny was on Bravo that there's been a show I feel like is for real.  Like real girls, real situations and real reactions.  I don't see this upstaging thing like happens in the Housewives franchise with fights every season.  I don't see fake friendships for the camera that you know disappear until there's a dude holding a camera in front of their faces again.  These are real girls, who are fighting for a career, and that's what I loved about Bethenny Frankel being on Bravo.

As a 20 something girl who isn't in a relationship, who has friends that are family, and dreams big, there just aren't enough of us on TV.  I love that these girls are real friends, they have legit fights, they have legit dreams, and they have too many cocktails and love brunch.  Those are all things that are going on in my life.  We're the lost age of single girls, we're older than 25 and not married and working our asses off.  

We have girlfriends who aren't jealous or envious for what the other has, but we want the best and we push each other.  We don't fight over who wore what, or whom stole who's boyfriend (I never get the "who" vs. "whom" thing) we love each other and want the best for each other.  We don't want our BFF to end up with that asshole guy she can't seem to kick (me), or want our other BFF to find her worth outside of having a boyfriend (my friends). 

Throw some ex-bf drama and some serious fashion and we have my favorite Bravo show since Bethenny Frankel's series!  I wish, hope, will beg for Bravo to have a season 2 and make it a full hour.  Girls need to see this in a TV line up with our favorite Housewives and Chefs, please!

My outfit for Friday:

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flannel: Gap,  jeans: NY&Co,  watch: Michael Kors, necklace: All The Wire


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