Monday, January 20, 2014

Sister, Sister

I stopped by a girl's night my sister was having at her condo on Saturday night before I went out and what happened is the usual when I meet new friends of hers: "This is your sister?".  We don't particularly look a lot alike

She and I are very yin-yang.  She looks like my Dad and Mom to a T, brown hair, brown eyes, huge smile.  I am a hodge-podge of every family member we have ever had.  I have green eyes and blonde hair from my grandfather, and the rest of my look is your best bet on a family member.  My whole life has been a running joke that I am adoped.

She's loud, bossy, a huge flirt, and is so sweet and charming it knocks you out.  I am more laid back, sarcastic, quiet when needed, and not sweet.  She has had a boyfriend since I was probably 8, I have had probably 2 people I've even been able to stomach calling my boyfriend my whole life pubicly.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and does things I wouldn't even dream I could get away with.

Believe it or not, I'm the more emotional one and the crier, she's the strong one who rarely sheds a tear. She is my best friend, no one knows me or loves me like she does and the feeling is mutual.  We couldn't look more different but I wouldn't be me without her.

Always fun to explain to someone how we know each other though, and their reaction when someone freaks out that we're sisters.  Yes she's the pretty one.....

Day #1 of my 30 day ban from shopping outfit (I'll get better at this it's too early for me):

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dress:Target, cardigan:Target, tights: NY&co, watch: Michael Kors
No shoes since I'm upstairs and my shoes are in the basement.


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