Thursday, December 4, 2014

New York, New York

This weekend marks our annual trip to NYC for my sister's birthday.   

We have been taking frequent trips to the city since we moved to Maryland when I was 8, yet my mother continues to marvel in the tourist traps and is a sucker for a brochure.  This weekend will include me on a bus (sleep on the way up, drink wine on the way back), Christmas in full effect (Macy's and a show), and my mom playing tourist(again).  

I love New York this time of year, or really any year.  My mom and I have spent full days at the Metropolitan Museum of Art getting lost and sitting in quiet.  I have marched down the streets like I know where I'm going.  I have eaten in that restaurant Miranda Presley in The Devil Wears Prada insists her steak lunch comes from.  

I used to thing this city is where I would end up after college, but that hasn't happened.  I love having it within driving distance, and living my Blair Waldorf dreams out whenever I want to take the 2 hour drive.

Making memories.  Making traditions.  Falling in love with the lights and the life every single time I go.

Welcome to New York.


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