Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Winter Blonde


Every year around this time I start to want to transition my bleached out locks into something different.  I am in constant search of the perfect winter blonde, from either Adele to Blake Lively.  I walk into my lovely hair stylist completely clueless of how to make this happen, she works her magic and I leave happy.  I'll be there in a few more weeks to see what happens next.

I love both floral in this Asos skirt and this geometric pattern in the Anthropologie sweater.  I am always looking to incorporate my girly style with my more posh style.  

This black watch KILLS me, I've been dying for something like this.

After my time in airports the last week I realize how important the investment in a good pair of headphones is.  Music is such a huge part of my world and it gets me through the day but who in the hell has more than $100 to spend on headphones?

Oh I wish.


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