Monday, October 20, 2014

Down South

It's really no secret I love all things southern.  The men, the food and the weather.  I have been spending almost every summer vacation in my 28 years in Charleston, SC and that's where it all began.  Luckily, I can fulfill my love without actually making the trek.

1.  Annie lives in Charleston and besides being one of my favorite bloggers, she takes the most spectacular pictures of the city.

2.  I already know when I go see a Nicolas Sparks movie I'm going to cry, it is just a fact.  Yesterday my mom wanted to see The Best of Me and I went because I needed some romance in my life, and without fail Sparks always uses southern towns as his setting.  The movie was a complete sobfest but the scenery was gorgeous.

3.  Low Country boils are one of my favorite things to go for every summer.  It's basically a pot of seafood, potatoes and corn.  I'm always looking for good recipes to recreate that when I just need a good piece of the Low Country.  I need to give this Paula Deen one a roll.

4.  I need to find a staple shrimp and grits recipe.  Every time I go down south I try to eat enough grits and it honestly is never enough.  I need a go to.  I have tired a few other recipes but I haven't found one to recreate again and again.  Suggestions would be awesome.

This week is going to be one where I try to be as productive as possible.  I am determined to organize my life and get in a an awesome pattern.  

If the Steelers lose again tonight I reserve the right to push this goal back until next week.


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