Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Safety Blanket

So if you follow any fashion bloggers on IG this lovely accessory is taking up your whole feed.  I'm never one to shy away from a accessory so I jumped to order one.  

I ordered this lovely ASOS scarf I talked about a couple posts ago and Sunday I found it in my mailbox and ran back to the house to tear that package open.

Y'all, when they say blanket scarf, they mean blanket scarf.  This thing looks like something I would take to an outdoor concert or a tailgate.  

When I stopped holding it up and comparing it to the size of my kitchen table, I relaxed and started throwing it around my neck to figure out how to master this bad boy.  The plaid is awesome and so versatile that I have to wear it out.

The fantastic thing about fashion today are the resources to figure out how to use this.  I ran to my favorite blogs (Courtney, Cathy), Pinterest, and yes, I YouTubed it to see how I could work this bad boy.  

I'm so excited and yes it will be coming to my IG soon in an awkward selfie.


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