Friday, October 3, 2014

Ugg Me

So have y'all been watching Scandal this season?  Mellie is serving up some white girl crazy of the best order.  I love the messy hair, the sweats, the junk food and the UGGs!!  Uggs are like a comfort food for me: you know it's not good for you but you have so many good memories when you're with it that you want to go back.   

I still have a couple pairs I bring out for my frump nights with the girls, running errands, or hungover/casual days at work.  

I don't wear them with jean skirts and a Juicy Couture t-shirt so I feel like I'm still OK.  

As the weather gets colder and I venture back to Pittsburgh for a Steeler game I am never sorry I keep these guys around.



  1. how have i only just found your blog? you're hilarious! stalk stalk stalk...