Friday, October 31, 2014

Lucky One

I know I know, it's Halloween, more importantly it's my mom's birthday on Saturday.  I'm sorry, but she trumps any costume ideas.

My mom is one of the best, point blank.  

I am one of those lucky people who never had to question if they were loved.  I was never one of those people who had to wonder what kind of home they were going to walk into.  I am one of those people who had someone who loves them unconditionally, no matter how many mistakes they make.

I have extremely high standards, and I blame that on my mother.  She always told me I could be more, that I could have more, and she led by example.  She put herself through school, she was picky as hell about boys, and she can hold together a family.  She lead me (OK pushed me) through the darkness I went through after my dad died and never judged me for it.

No one could be the person she is.  No one was ever born to be a mother the way she was.

I'm the lucky one.

Happy Birthday Mommy!


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