Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Musings

My weekend didn't turn out to be the lazy, life organizing time I thought it would be.  Lets just say it involved O's, Guinness, keg stands and card games and no I'm not visiting a college.  I have a few new things I'm obsessed with though.

  1. I love following traveling girls on Instagram.  I get so much inspiration for adventures from these girls.  Hallie is on a Paris vacation and I can't stop stalking her Insta feed to catch glimpses of this dreamy city.
  2. Cheryl's new album is out, unfortunately it's only released in the UK so I have to figure out how to get that on my side of the pond without spending an arm and a leg.
  3. Simple food recipes wanted people.  I need something easy to throw together at the end of the day.  With school started up again I'm busier than ever so anything simple, tasty and healthy would be awesome.
  4. This piece by Brittany Maynard broke my heart and put it back together at the same time.  This woman is dying from the same brain tumor my dad had and this lovely piece about a controversial topic is so beautiful.
  5. I'm always looking for alternatives to coffee because if I don't I will burn a hole through my stomach with the amount I can drink.  I've done a lot of teas but haven't really found anything to fit that love yet.  Ideas welcome.

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