Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wax paper is not oven safe

Hello loves.  I took some time off from blogging last week but I'm back with a banger.  Following in my The Londoner recipe series with the Low Carb Pizza.  It was Monday night, I was exhausted but I was dying for some pizza so I whipped up this bad boy.

The trick to this recipe is that you use grated cauliflower instead of regular dough. Yep, I didn't believe it either but just look at this.

Now it was a little adventure getting to this point.  So I threw open my recipe, popped in Pratical Magic into my DVD player and went to work.

Take a closer look at what I threw my "dough" on.  Yes, that is in fact wax paper.  Now if you read the recipe it calls for parchment paper, now mind you I ran into the grocery store after I went on a long run, I was gross and delirious, and I grabbed wax paper.  Now if you put wax paper into the oven your whole oven will smoke.  Now when my kitchen was quickly filling with smoke and my fire alarms were ruining the neighbor's night,  I caught the writing on the box and realized it was wax paper.  Cooking fail.

Well luckily I had enough ingredients to whip up another one after my fire alarm stopped screaming at me.  

I chose to throw on some tomatoes and turkey bacon on mine.  Notice the foil this time.

I threw on some basil and let it sit while I threw together lunch for work.

The flavors were fantastic, the substitute for dough was hardly noticed.  Mine was a little more soft then was probably intended so I ended up eating it more with a fork, but it was very tasty none the less.  Trying to eat healthy and get myself in half marathon shape this was perfect for my craving for pizza.

More cooking and recap on Memorial Day weekend later this week.


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