Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fancy Pants

I'm a single gal (SUPRISE) so cooking for 1 is always a challenge, because I have to cook something I want to eat more than once.  I love cooking, and lately I've been trying to challenge myself to cook things I've never tried before, enter Rosie from The Londoner.

Her recipes on her blog are easy to follow, use fresh ingredients, and usually something I would never think to make myself.  She has become somewhat my Julia Child and I feel like Amy Adams in Julie & Julia skimming through each recipe on her website and rushing to the grocery store to plan out my meal.  This week it was her Lamb Verde and her Carb Free Garlic Butter Mash.  I'm not going to break down the recipes here because she does a much better job at walking you through the steps but I will share my favorite steps.

The recipe calls for a rack of lamb, however my local grocery only had the grass fed lamb in chops in stead of a rack so instead of buying the regular lamb I splurged for the grass fed and dealt with it.  I left the lamb to marinate overnight and was so excited opening my fridge in the morning making my coffee and seeing those beauties waiting for me.

The big night I popped open my bottle of wine, lit my favorite candles and put my babies into the oven to start cooking.

While my kitchen filled with the smell of deliciousness, I threw in Eat Pray Love for a little travel inspiration and impatiently eyed the oven timer.

Once the lamb had cooked in the oven, I pulled them out, snapped a few pictures, took a huge inhale of the babies and covered them with foil to let them rest.  Fun fact, you have to let the lamb rest for almost the same amount of time you cooked it, learn something new every day.

While I continued to impatiently wait for my lamb to be done, I began on the mash.  This was significantly easier and tastier than I imagined it would be.  I've heard about substituting cauliflower for potatoes in the past, but I love my mash so much I was scared to mess with it.  Boy was I happy I threw caution to the wind (dramatic?) and gave this a whirl.

 After what seemed like an eternity (40 minutes tops) my little lovelies were ready for the world.

I can't even tell you how awesome my house smelled at this point.  I got out my favorite pasta plates, plated everything and stood back and admired my work.

Ain't she pretty?!

One of my favorite things about being a single girl is the ability to eat every meal on my couch and having no one judge me for it.  I trucked my wine, water, laptop and meal to my couch and got ready to tuck in.  It was amazing!  The meat was cooked to perfection, thankfully it seems Rosie and I like our meat cooked the same way, and the mash was a perfect compliment.

I collapsed onto my couch after with a tummy full of good cookin and felt proud of myself, I did something I didn't think I could do, and it worked!  I refuse to be that single girl who heats up a Smart One's or Lean Cuisine every night and settles for that kind of food.   Eating should be something you enjoy and not just something you do. 

 Please, please, please if you can buy natural, organic and/or grass fed meats, I didn't believe the hype either but there is such a difference in the taste and the feeling you have after you make then eat something that isn't pumped with hormones, I promise.

I'm scouring The Londoner looking for my next big recipe, I promise I'll share at some point, if there are ever any leftovers I'm willing to share.  And go check out Rosie's blog, not only is it visually stunning but the food pictures alone are worth the visit.  Everything I've made has been so yummy, with the exception of the Low Carb Bread but I blame myself for that one and am going to retry that again this weekend.


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