Wednesday, May 28, 2014

BFF day

You know sometimes when life gets away from you, and suddenly you haven't seen your oldest friends in 6-7 months, well that has been me.  This past weekend my two oldest best friends and I planned a little Saturday adventure.  C and I headed to the O's game in the afternoon while Cait headed down from Philly.

After a couple of drinks at Camden Yards and a quick stop in Pickles we jumped in an Uber back to C's house to meet Cait and walk over to Canton Square.  Couldn't ask for a more beautiful day so we wanted to sit outside at Mama's On the Half Shell and catch up.  C and I headed in to wait for our table while Cait finished her to-go cocktail outside.

Mama's is this great restaurant seated right on the corner of Canton Square and is a staple of locals for fresh seafood and a killer brunch menu.  They have a small menu of oyster shooter, but seeing as I had already had quite a few drinks I didn't push my luck.

To be completely honest we were more interested in catching up with each other than in the menu, but we ordered a few appetizers to tide us over in between endless talking.  We honestly thought we would want more, but the appetizers we ended up ordering were so bountiful that we were spent after that first round.

The fried calamari wasn't the wimpy, tiny, overcooked calamari you get in most places.  These bad boys we basically the size of an onion ring and tossed in a perfect batter.

Crab and artichoke dip, because it's what Maryland does, and this did not disappoint.

C and I split grilled oysters wrapped in bacon, smothered in hot sauce.  I think they were called Devils on Horseback (cute huh), but they were tiny bites of heaven.  I will eat an oyster in just about any form, I love these little buggers.

We picked at our food, ordered more Orange Crushes, and talked until we could talk no more.  These two have seen me in literally every stage of my life and nothing is like catching up with these two.

Once our drinks were done we stopped into another bar and met a lovely biker gang from our county.  After that drink we headed back to C's place where her boyfriend met us right as I was making my exit to a family get together.  It was a perfect Baltimore day with my best friends, what more can a girl ask for.


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