Friday, May 16, 2014

One love

OK I've written and rewritten this a couple times, I apologize we'll be back to the regular programing but here it goes.

I caught a link on Twitter the other day mentioning Courtney Kerr, who y'all know I love, so I opened it which lead me to the clip of her show in Texas D The Broadcast.  It's a The View type show with local ladies and they were talking about the Michael Sam draft notification caught on ESPN when he kissed his boyfriend (clip).  Then a heated debate broke out, and I was very confused.  One of the very lovely co hosts on the show expressed that she didn't have a problem with Michael (we're bff's it's cool me using his first name) kissing his boyfriend, she just didn't want it thrown in her face.

OK y'all, call me crazy, call me naive, but it's 2014 and we're still having discussions about how two men kissing (attention:it's 2014) is uncomfortable.  Gay people exist!  They exist like air or water.  They exist like you and me.  I'm a heterosexual, white woman, so discrimination ends at blond jokes, but I truly find it puzzling that today people still find it difficult to see two people in love.  Unless it involves you who really cares?

I grew up in a generation where being homosexual was something new and different, somehow I've adjusted.  I grew up not understanding the term homosexual, but always understanding love and I learned.  Would you like it if someone told you it's not OK to love Johnny Depp? I know I wouldn't!  Who cares? My love doesn't ever define yours, my attraction doesn't effect the cute guy I always liked in high school who never liked me, why should someone else's affect me?

Almost every nation on the planet (Russia is always at least 20 years behind) has moved on, people are homosexual, everyone gets it.  Why are we still even talking about it?  I was more concerned about the height difference in the Michael Sam relationship. As a shorter person it's hard to kiss someone that much taller, I've had to do it!  Let's love, open our minds and accept that others can love whomever they want!  Speaking out against homosexuality makes you in the same class as those who believe that the color of your skin defines you, harsh but true.

I'm a small town girl, who grew up just like everyone else, my opinion doesn't get national news, but the message is important no matter how small the audience.  Love who you want, end of story.

(takes a step off the soap box)



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