Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Grown up dinner

There is something to having dinner with the two people that literally know all of your secrets, the good the bad and the terribly ugly.  My two are H & K, they know it all, and last night we had a fancy dinner.  Now fancy dinner is something outside of some margs and typical food at our local Chili's.  We went to our local Bonefish Grill for some drinks and some great food.  We started with a bottle of wine (very adult) and the Bang Bang Shrimp (my fave).

Note: both girls visibly flinched at the sight of my camera. We'll have to work on that.

I had the tilapia with herb pesto, broccoli and garlic potatoes.  It was cooked well, though a bit thin and the pesto was more like olive oil with pieces of basil tossed in, but it was still tasty.

H had the Bang Bang shrimp tacos, which honestly I was a bit jealous of.

K had a Cobb salad of some sort, it looked good and I know she liked it.  I'm not a huge salad girl if I don't have to be.

After dinner we finished our bottle of wine and caught up.  It's the best feeling in the world to be able to talk about literally anything with two people who would never judge you and just love you.  These two are the two girls I look to for everything in life outside of my mom and my sister.  I'm so lucky I can have nights like this.

When I left them, I cam home to throw on a mask K gave me from a massive bag of samples someone gave her from Sephora, had another glass of wine, and went to bed with a face that was so tight it felt like I had Botox.

Oh you're welcome for this.


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