Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sunday Funday Runday

Kicked the weekend off with making my first real bird by using my favorite blogger, Rosie's Greek Roast Chicken recipe.  My house smelled (smelt?) lovely and turns out kalamata olives taste pretty freakin good baked.  Then Saturday I moved on to heading to DC with a couple of my bests to prep for the 5K we were running on Sunday.

This is how I prep for a 5K, with crab and shrimp enchiladas, it's my method people.  Couple of cocktails, sneaky selfies in an Asian karaoke bar bathroom, it was time to go home to get some sleep.

But not before I busted my knee walking back to the car, then stopped the bleeding with a Chipolte napkin on the ride home and bitched about my best cleaning out the cuts with alcohol.  It's derby weekend so really I'm just keeping up the tradition of me hurting myself (see broken arm, ankle, and face through glass window).

Then came the morning of the 5K, we piled into the metro, a little later than we probably should have but whatever.  We got to the stop we estimated would take us to the starting line, turns out it took us to the halfway point of the race, so we stealthy blending into the herd, two of my friends ran for it, while me with my knee and my other friend took a nice stroll through DC.

Of course we followed up with a ride and wait for our healthy follow up meal at Burger Tap & Shake.

Stolen from my girl Nar over at Fat Kid Happy (love her already don't you)

OK maybe not so healthy, but the old school music in the restaurant and the Cookies & Cream milkshake with Kahlua was necessary to make my knee feel better people.

The 5K was the Race for Hope for brain cancer, which is what my dad had.  Monday was the 11th anniversary of his death, and I took it harder than expected.  I usually take the day off for reflection, some  years I'm completely fine, other years I'm a basket case.  This year I found myself just sad, not sobbing in a ball sad, but just sad.  I miss him, that's the only way to say it, but I was so lucky to have him.

New week, new adventures people.


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