Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

I hope every one had a beautiful Mother's Day, I don't know where you are in the world but it was a gorgeous day in my neck of the woods.  I was lucky to spend Mother's Day all weekend with my mommy.  Saturday my sister bought us all tickets to go to our local winery, Boordy,  for some outdoor music, fun and wine tasting.

 My mother packed a picnic of about everything you could imagine of course and about 10 minutes after we got there the skies opened up and it started to pour.  Everyone started to huddle into the barn to wait it out.

My mommy and her Manfriend

My sister

My sister and her boyfriend Matt in a serious conversation about what wine to get next.

Once the skies cleared up a little I headed back out to explore a little.

The rain wasn't about to be denied so it returned, I ran back under cover again.

Mom loves having her picture taken

We headed out later, little more pep to our step with the wine consumption and out feet a little more wet thanks to the rain.  I had never been to Boordy before but had always heard rave reviews of the atmosphere.  Though the rain put a damper on the whole atmosphere, the grounds are lovely, the staff is very helpful and the wine is pretty darn good.  I'd love to go again in the summer to one of their outdoor concert events, which I heard sell out pretty quickly so I better figure it out soon.

I love having a day to celebrate my mom, she's my hero.  I love being able to pamper with with things and just being able to dote on her.  


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