Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Best Balls Ever

You ever have that feeling around 11am that you're ready to take on the world?  You make all those plans for the afternoon once you get off work, all these killer ideas for that chunk of time before you head hits the pillow and you get home and the minute your butt hits the couch all those ideas literally disappear.  That happens to me, a lot.  I need to get moving, especially since I have a half marathon to do in a few months.

Once you make working out a habit it's so easy to keep moving, once you break that habit it's difficult to get back into.  Currently I am using Miranda Lambert's new skinny minnie body as my inspiration, but the couch is just so comfy!

I've seen a couple of pictures of myself lately and I'm not loving the way I look, therefore it's time to do something.

Now moving onto the better parts of my life.

Last weekend I made probably one of my favorite of Rosie's recipes, the Ultimate Swedish Meatballs.

I may have cut a corner with the meatballs, the recipe calls for free range pork, to save on the calories I did turkey.  End result was still yummy.

Aren't they gorgeous?


I had to put mine into a smaller serving bowl in order to not eat every piece and sip the gravy directly out of the bowl.

Threw some toast in and smeared with some black truffle spread to mop up the leftover gravy.

Pour an Olivia Pope acceptable glass (bottle) of wine and went to town.  These meatballs are my new go to comfort food, the flavors are exactly the pairing you would want.  I even made Rosie's Mash a couple days later to absorb some of the gravy and meatballs, that was ridiculously perfect.


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