Friday, April 4, 2014

Yeah man that's the good stuff

Someone I was interacting with the other day was going on and on about the jewels her grandmother left her, and the painting her mom was going to leave it.  Now I don't have family, if y'all know me you know that, so I felt myself feeling envious, not just of the bling and the art, but of the idea that she was being left something that meant something to someone in her family.  I came home to a surprise and reminder that I do too, in fact, have that in my life.

This is my Dad's watch, his University of Kentucky watch.  He loved this watch.  I mentioned it to my Mom a few weeks ago after finding another one of my Dad's old watches and rocking it.  She got a new batter put it in and left it in my house yesterday.  It's a strange feeling in the best way to be able to wear it remembering the look on his face when he got it.  

Then I started looking around my house and realizing what else surrounded me.

My Grandmommy's rocking chair she gave me when I moved into my house.  She rocked my mother and her sister in this chair.  They don't make rocking chairs like this anymore.  Every imperfection and crack in this chair I love.  It sits in my office/closet and it just feels good to have it.

My Grandmother's old Bible completely written in Slovak.  I don't understand a word, but the craftsmanship of this book is amazing to look at, the cover is almost glass.  The prayer card inside is from a nun's funeral in 1949.  I look at this as my art, as my painting to put on the wall.  

So it's really true, sometimes you don't realize what you have until you open your eyes and look around.


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