Thursday, April 24, 2014

I see the light

I have had a very rationale fear of glasses for the better part of 16 years.  I was cursed with my mother's terrible vision, therefore glasses were necessary by the time I was in 5th grade.  I around the same time got braces and a terrible haircut, and I can't believe I'm actually sharing this publicly, but my 6th grade school picture turned out like this.

How did I have friends?! Who let me leave the house like this?  The sweater set was from The Limited so I thought I was pretty cool but for real WHAT THE HELL?!  This was that fantastic middle school age when everyone was awkward and "going out" with everyone.  Big shock here: I had 1 boyfriend in middle school, and that lasted a week. 

The summer after this stunning portrait I got contacts and my mom allowed me to start wearing some minimal makeup and people literally thought I had plastic surgery.  Oh and my hair grew, thank Jesus.  I literally haven't worn glasses since this year consistently.  My mom ended up getting Lasik surgery when I was a junior in high school and had such fantastic results that she wanted me to get it when I was old enough.  

When I was 19-20 I got the exam, doctors deemed it was safe so I got it and loved it.  I had perfect vision for about 4 years then it started to decline again.  The doctor said I had an unexpected growth spurt and could get corrective surgery but it would take 6 weeks to recover, well eff that who has that time.

This week I FINALLY went back to the eye doctor and got contacts and glasses again, it was a strange experience but seeing the world through clear eyes again has been pretty fun.  Getting my hair done with clear eyes was fantastic because I look even blonder, which I LOVE.

before (roots are not ever attractive) 

during (Hey good lookin)

After (sorry my cell and bathroom lighting sucks)

After 2 

My hair love Stef is a good friend of mine and works at the NVS Salon in Bel Air, she styles the Ravens Cheerleaders too.  She's the best and I have yet to ever leave her chair without being completely in love with the way I look, and I've been to most of the major salons in Bel Air.

I really can't believe I'm allowing my ugly duckling picture to see the light of day, but there it is.  We all have one, mine is probably worse than most of yours, but it's there to make you feel better about yourself today!


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