Friday, April 25, 2014

I wanna see you be BRAVE

I take my life for granted.  I complain when I have to keep going to the grocery store because I forgot an ingredient for the dinner I'm making in my air conditioned, well constructed home.  I complain when the water in my house isn't hot enough when I shower every night from my hot water tank.  I turn on my TV and get mad if I missed the beginning of my favorite TV show.  I don't sit and reflect on what I have enough.

You get discouraged with all the world tragedies being thrown at you on CNN or whatever news channel/website you check every day when you are bored at work in your office.  Every problem seems so far away and out of your reach.  Sometimes you find things you can do: donate to a soup kitchen, volunteer for a charity, or purchase a product that brings some awareness.  I fancy myself a feminist, and my college degree supports that thought, and I have always had so much respect and admiration for women in other countries who are fighting for their existence and their families.  

What a nice surprise it was to find something I could do that helped women, raised awareness and supported my never ending accessory addiction.  The lovely ladies of The Brave Collection have created a product to reach a part of the world who needs us.  Slavery seems like such a archaic concept to Americans that it's hard to conceive that it still very much a reality for people in certain parts of the world.  Cambodia is a region that has been torn apart by wars and has a thriving human trafficking business.  What the ladies of The Brave Collection do is bring the talents of the artists in Cambodia to us and in return we get to help them in a small way.

The writing means says "Klahan" which means "Brave" in the Cambodian language Khmer.  Each piece is hand woven and the brass piece is hand carved.  There are so many stunning colors in this color and even some necklaces and another style of bracelet as well.  10% of the profits are donated to help fight human trafficking and the cost for my bracelet was only $38.  I chose red because along with the reminder of the message to be brave, red is my power color, it's bold and reminds me to focus. 

I think it's important to have awareness of what is going on around us, appreciate our lives and try to find places where we can help other, even in some small way.  It's nice to have that reminder to be BRAVE and have a new addition to my arm party!


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