Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pope is my homegirl

The final recap of my past weekend with LA BFF was our stop Sunday in DC.  I live about 2 hours away and don't spend a lot of time there but we had to go since my west coaster had never been, and since this is Scandal finale Thursday, it's only appropriate.

I kept looking for the Olivia Pope entrance, couldn't figure it out, apparently I'm not allowed to walk around the grounds freely, whatever.  It also may have taken us about 45 minutes to actually locate the White House from the Washington Monument, we're Americans so that just felt like we failed life.

We're here for Fitz

The city was INSANELY crowded, which I'm guessing is the result of the beautiful weather and the cherry blossom festival.  We only really went to the Holocaust museum, and even that was more of a quick walk through.  

Lovely way to spend a Sunday

I was obsessed with how much this building looked like one you would find in Paris and not in DC.

Our stomachs were growling so we decided to find someplace to rest our feet and feed our bellies.  After driving around the city forever (seriously what is up with the traffic circles?) we finally landed at Lauriol Plaza, which is an amazing Mexican restaurant in the city.  It was a gorgeous day, so obviously the inviting porch and roof were crowded, but we hiked our way to the top of the restaurant quickly after walking in the door and finally rested out feet.

Our enthusiastic server took our drink orders while we basically laid our heads on the table with exhaustion and waited for our chips and guacamole, and it was worth the wait.

The chips were fresh and not too crispy and the guacamole had the perfect pinch of salt and pepper.  I ordered the Enchiladas de Mariscos because I was dying for something with seafood smothered in cheese, and I was not sorry.

 Hunks of fresh avocado under the melted cheese: BONUS points.  BFF got some carne esada I believe, I was too busy face first into the plate to really notice.  Waiters flew by refilling our water and ice tea until we finally sat back in our chairs, stomachs filled to the brim and admired the view some more.

I really do need to spend some more time in the city, it's too close to not indulge myself in the history and beauty.  Sadly the next day LA BFF left me back to sunny California and the next day the weather took a nose dive back into the 40's, typical.

Scandal finale tonight, you know what that means Gladiators, get your red wine and paper bag to breathe into every time you hyperventilate by the drama.


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