Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How may I help you?

Every single job I've had my whole life has had a big customer service element to it.  My first job was in a concession stand at a pool in the summer and dealing with sugar high kids and drunk moms you learn how to slap on a smile and keep it moving.

Growing up, I've learned that customer service can change an experience when you are out to buy something with money you worked hard to earn.  All the really successful businesses I have encountered have had outside the box customer service.  I started going into higher end department stores once I started making money because I knew I would get quality products, but also customer service that was better than the typical department stores.  I go into an Apple store to buy my laptop that is more expensive than others, you better believe I got a customer rep assigned to my every need to find me the perfect product.

If I get a bad "vibe" from a store when I walk in it is usually because I'm being ignored by sales reps or they aren't making eye contact and just don't look interested and I just end up leaving.  Look I get it, we all have bad days, but my feeling is if you are getting a paycheck you slap on a smile and get the job done until you're off the clock.

This brings me to Bauble Bar.  If you read my blog this week I finally got the new love of my life, the Courtney Bib from Courtney Kerr's Bauble Bar collection.  It unfortunately had a malfunction which I reported to the customer service email on the information provided (it's called S.W.A.T. how freakin cute).  I immediately got an email from my Bauble Bar fairy godmother, Kirby, the next day, who asked relevant questions about the malfunction, for pictures, then a day later let me know I was getting a new necklace shipped to me.

I have anxiety returning things, I usually feel bad, but Kirby made me feel like she completely understood, it wasn't some generic, standard response and I was an individual to a huge company like them.  I was beyond thrilled so I tweeted about it and I'm blogging about it now.  It's as simple as good customer service to make someone a loyal customer for life, and really unique, amazing quality and reasonably priced baubles that make me sparkle.....just sayin.....


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