Monday, April 7, 2014

What I love about Sundays

Sunday's are never my favorite day of the week.  It means waking up early Monday, back to work, back to putting on real pants.  One of my favorite things about Sunday is the laying around part, that's at least what I try to make Sunday's about.

One of my favorite things about my house is being there on a Sunday in the spring.  I can open the windows, lay on my couch with a blanket and watch TV or read a book and just relax.  I try not to think about work on Monday, I give myself some time to just veg out completely.  Usually this ends up with me falling asleep to the sound of my one neighbor yelling at her kids then waking up to my other neighbor gunning his motorcycle's engine, but whatever.

Yesterday I found myself watching an old movie on my laptop, with my Starbucks iced tea, in my Spanx leggings (life changing) and just enjoying the peace.  I love taking those days to just breathe and look around and realizing how amazing my life actually is.  

I love old, old movies, I'm talking Elvis movies old.  I grew up watching Gidget and Viva Las Vegas.  Yesterday I found an old DVD The Trouble with Angels with Haley Mills.  It's a screwball comedy of two girls going to boarding school and their dealings trying to outsmart the nuns.  I loved it when I was little, and let me tell you, the fashion in this movie is stunning to this day.

I mean check out Haley with the jacket and hat but with the pop of color with the red gloves, WORK Ms. Bliss!


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