Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why BLess?

When your friend is from LA it's a little hard to pretend like your city has beauty to offer, especially with the crazy ass weather we've been having lately in Bmore.  Taking some time away from my couch watching a Kardashian marathon, we decided to trek downtown to take a look at the sights.  Now I'm not saying we are the top city in the world when it comes to sights, but our little city is pretty gorgeous when you take a look at it.

I have pride about this city, no I'm not from here, but I grew up here.  I have made terrible and amazing choices in this city.  I love walking the harbor, stopping for brunch at Alexander's in Fells on a Sunday with the girls, or dancing my ass off in Fed Hill at Stalking Horse.

I loved wandering around on Saturday night, seeing the girls going to prom at the aquarium and the people waiting around for a table in the harbor.  I loved dragging my friend around a little so she could get a little east coast beauty, and she wanted to do this:

She's on a boat, errrr kinda, it was closed.

We ended up heading back to my town and getting crabs for the night, but this little glimpse of beautiful weather this weekend makes me so pumped for summer in Bmore.


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