Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bunny Trail

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter.  I did, that is until the plague that was Sunday night into Monday caught me.  I spent most of the weekend running to my mom's house and stopping in grocery stores for last minute goodies.  I have always loved holidays with my mom, she makes everything bright and beautiful.

I ran over on Saturday to help her cook and color some eggs, yep I'm almost 28, don't judge me.

My mom pulled out my Great Aunt Mary's recipe box to whip up some deserts and I decided that I would poke around for some new ideas to cook myself.

I begged and pleaded for this one banana pudding so she promised to make it.

Easter is hard for me still, even almost 11 years after my Dad passed away.  There's so many family memories in holidays it's still hard for me to get through without a teary moment.  Luckily my mom understands and makes everything as easy as possible.  My fabulous sister was in Texas visiting her boyfriend's sister, so it was me, my mom, my mom's manfriend and my grandmother (who was too into a homicide show to be bothered to come to the table, DIVAHHHH).  

And I even got to participate in making the final piece of the Easter puzzle I insist on every damn year.  If you don't have one of these you ain't livin right.


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