Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chillin it

If you're a Northerner you know how terrible our winter was.  I have been praying to the Summer Gods for months to bring me warm weather so I can open windows and sit on a deck somewhere.  We've had a nice preview the last few weeks, and I even went out and bought a case of Coronas, which signal summer to me.  Today came the rain, the cold and the damp and I know it's only going to last a few days but it immediately makes you go back into your sweatpants and hoodie when you get home and dulls any good mood you have.  I know it sounds dramatic but if we're being honest we all know that rain takes any motivation our of us, and any weather that doesn't allow me to roll the windows down at my way home is not my friend.  

I'm ready for summer, and summer in Maryland means sitting outside with tabletops covered with paper, sharing a bucket of beers and cracking open some pipping hot crabs smothered in Old Bay. MMMMMM I can smell it now.


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