Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Service With a Smile

If you follow me on IG (an you should, there's wine) you know that we found my sister's wedding dress.  What you don't know was the journey was a huge reminder of how customer service completely alters an experience.

I've worked in a form of customer service my whole life, and I've learned a lot of lessons on how to treat a customer and how you, as the employee, should be treated.  I was shocked on Saturday.

My sister has never tried a wedding dress on before, so we made an appointment and the three of us shuffled over to the bridal boutique near our town for to begin the search.  Little did we know that the agent assigned to my sister decided that Saturday was the day she would ruin everyone's day.

Completely ignoring my sister's taste, she pulled five dresses, and after my mom (who had steam coming out of her head at the time) politely asked for something with straps we were quickly whisked away and my sister was told if she wanted to find a dress she would have to go to a plus size store.

Now, nothing is wrong with plus size (us thick girls need to stick together) but my sister is far from one.  It was rude and defeating, and seeing the pain on my sister's face almost made me walk back in and go ninja warrior on the bitch.

Luckily we followed up that trip the next day at another boutique and our agent pulled beautiful dress after beautiful dress and sure enough we found IT.

I continuously am loyal to companies and brands that prove to have exceptional customer service.  It's worth the extra money to have that experience.

Trust me when I say, my sister will be the most beautiful bride ever.  

I kind of wish we could go back to the boutique and have that Pretty Woman moment.


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