Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Link Love

Y'all this song got me through Monday.  On repeat. 

  • My ladies at CapFabb just revamped their site and have all of us DMV bloggers so excited about this coming year.  If you're a DMV blogger join so we can hang out!

  • How have I just found Tanya Burr? I'm obsessed and she has revived my love of makeup.  I've already bought a few of her suggestions. She's adorable, makes makeup accessible, and has a British accent.  What's not to love?!

  • I'm so into rap and hip-hop music lately and this Nicki Minaj song is what got me.

  • Mary helped open my eyes (again) to how impersonal Fashion Week can really feel. Along with being my own person fashion icon (the way she dresses neutrals makes me drool) she's insightful about a week most fashion bloggers would die to get a ticket to.

  • How cute is Emily's room?  I'm planning a trip to Ikea soon to vamp up my accessory storage. 


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