Monday, February 9, 2015

Lay With Me

Yesterday I was hungover the majority of the day after a much needed night out with a couple of my nearest and dearest.  We drank, we laughed, we danced, we ate pizza after 1AM, and I feel in love with a couple of cats.  I finally left the comfort of my bed around 7:30pm to watch the Grammy's and to see what my girl TSwift was wearing.  

I wasn't disappointed.

  • I made these Friday night and they are amazing.  Jessica has a few other reciepes on her blog I have to give a whirl.

  • Sam Smith had a NIGHT last night at The Grammys.  It was so deserved, his whole album is like listening magic, but I do love this cover too.

  • Kanye and I have our moments.  Sometimes I can see through the madness to the genius and somtimes I want him to suck it up.  Last night he had a performance that had me almost in tears, but also this response to Seacrest shows how awesome he can be.

  • One of my new favorite guys is the blogger behind The Kentucky Gent.  I love this piece he did about perception vs. reality in the blogging world.  


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