Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Girls Dress For.....

Wednesday kicks off one of the most magical times of the year: New York Fashion Week. Streets lined with Amazonian models, caffeine zombie PR girls, and fashion mavens.  

Yes, it's my dream environment.

I will taking as many chances as possible to multitask at work so I can catch glimpses of the collections that are live streaming.  I will rush home from work to catch up on my favorite bloggers who update all week, and I will be searching my favorite sites for alternatives for my favorite looks.

Fashion week is that magical time of the year when everything is new and fun.  It is the week when I actually feel like I have a full understanding of an art form. 

Unless you consider drinking wine and dancing to Taylor Swift an art form (cool me too!).

One of these days I'm going to plan a trip up to NYC for a couple days during Fashion Week and just loiter outside of the tents and people watch.  I love close enough and that's not creepy, right?


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