Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Windows to the Soul

I re-entered the land of the seeing this year.  Of course the one thing that excited me the most were the new accessories I now had an excuse to buy, the glasses! 

The one part of being an adult I don't care for is being responsible for my own expenses, ugh whatever, but I was honestly shocked at the price of a stylish pair of glasses.  I'm not someone who just slaps on a pair, so I was shelling out over $300 for a pair I would be willing to be seen in public with.

I was contacted recently by the lovely people at Warby Parker to preview their Winter '14 line of sunglasses and glasses.  I was not familiar so I did some research and I think I found my new outlet for the accessory.

Not only are these a fabulous price point (start at $95), but they really pay attention to both classic and stylish frames.  You won't feel like you need to lock your glasses in a drawer in fear that you reach over and smash them instead of your alarm clock in the morning!

I found a couple I am trying to decide between now.



Most people think you don't need sunglasses in the winter.  Silly rabbits, wear those bad boys all year long.  The sun doesn't know it's winter and that bugger will fry your eyes even when the snow is falling.  

Luckily, Warby Parker sells equally stylish sunglasses as well and (SURPRISE) these are a fraction of what you would pay for the twins with another name.  



Are you in style bargain shock yet?  It gets better.  Warby Parker has an option of sending you 5 different styles to your home for  a 5 day try before choosing the frame for you.  

Bargain and you don't have to worry you chose the wrong ones with them already filled with your prescription.

Oh, and I'm totally burying the lead.  For each pair you buy Warby Parker gives a pair to someone in need.  

See, it's not actually shopping, it's giving too. 

At least that's how I'll justify it when it's taken out of my checking account.



  1. ah we have a few warby parker sunglasses and love them! great post! love that brand!

  2. Ok how crazy cute are you two! I need to finally pick which pair to order!