Thursday, November 13, 2014

Step Right Up

Last weekend I got to attend a lovely event in downtown Baltimore called The Boulevard of Chic.

There were trucks full of trinkets and fashions, there were vendors with sangria, and there was this beautiful Saturday in Baltimore.

This necklace had my eye, but I'm ballin on a budget people.

This truck had hardwood floors and a Grace Kelly movie on, it was my favorite.

I love local and independent businesses, so this was a perfect opportunity to get familiar with some of the fashion ladies in the area.


My BFF and I wandered around, taking a peek inside every truck before deciding to head out for the day.  On our stroll out my nose caught my favorite smell.  COFFEE!

Of course I gave the "Filthiest Chai Alive" a whirl because how can you not with that name?  It was amazing!

Such a fun event, Alyssa, who contacted me, could not have been sweeter and the gorgeous Baltimore weather didn't hurt!


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