Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mama Mia

The woman in the middle in this picture is the center of my world, and that's my mommy.  I am one of those extremely blessed people in the world who got to grow up with the best example of a woman in her life.  My mom is my rock, my hero and my idol.  This lovely lady does have faults though and one of them is failing to tell my sister (in the red) and I (in the green) whenever she is having any kind of medical procedure done.

Example: I called her on a Saturday afternoon a few years ago asking what she was doing and she says "Oh I'm in the ER".  I lost my mind.  Another example is when I was laying on the couch watching TV my senior year of college and she came in wearing a shoulder sling.

Now this is unusual because the whole time my Dad was sick she was completely honest and upfront about every single thing going on with my him, but now she wants to protect us since she thinks she's all we have left.  This week she had surgery on her foot and to her credit she told my sister and I a week ago, a week is an improvement.  

Her lovely manfriend is watching over her but my sister and I ran over yesterday after work to check on her and she got a little emotional.  We're her babies and she gets scared every time she gets put under that she'll leave us.  

I ensured her before the surgery no matter what happens she taught us the best way to get through life as an independent woman by example.  She showed us how to love completely by example and she showed us how to be the mother people dream of by example.  

I'm going over to her house on Friday after work for a slumber party, and by slumber party I mean she'll be high on pain killers and I'll be drinking and screaming at the Kentucky game.


p.s. Big girl camera is purchased, blogging is about to get REAL real.

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