Monday, February 10, 2014

The woman in the mirror

OK, I had a great weekend, I didn't do a lot, but I finally got out of the sweats on a Saturday night and re-entered the modern world.  What I figured out was a hard truth: I'm not stoked about my personal appearance lately.

I've never been a skinny chick, it's just never been in the plan for me, and I love eating crap too much. As a lover of fashion, you realize real quick when you can't buy anything fab because you don't fit the mold of what that style looks great in.  I also have always been a sucker for a great lifestyle and the natural, zen way of living but I can crush a bag of tortilla chips and queso like no other.

I'm a confident chick, I've lost and gain weight in the past, but I rock what whatever I'm dealing with.  I've run two half marathons and I can go hard in the gym, but for some reason lately I've just felt like a failure at this whole healthy living, fitness thing.

I think it's time I slap my not-so-tiny ass into gear and get my fitness together.  I have a lot going on and I'm determined to move forward for ME and push myself.  My one insecurity in life is my weight (thanks Dad) and the only way you can have insecurities is if you let them in.  I am not going to let this win.  You need to have a goal as my girl Jillian Michaels will tell you, and I'm an incredibly vain person at the end of the day and looking hot this summer is mine.

LET'S GO!!!!


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