Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring is in the air...

OK not at all but with NYFW I just can't help but let the spring fashion dreams begin.  I say dreams because I'm broke white girl but lets just begin.

Let's start with ASOS, probably one of my favorite UK brands that have fresh, awesome, affordable fashion.

My old reliable is Gap where I get classic clothes I can transition from day/work to night/bars.  They have such great deals and offers that I rarely have to ever pay full price.

And for work clothes I always go to New York and Company, they have a new Eva Mendes collection coming out in mid-March that I can't wait for!

I usually scatter pieces from H&M and Old Navy for basics and super-affordable trends, Forever 21 for accessories.  

Then there are the dreams.

ahhhhh a girl can dream.


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