Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow dayyyyyyyyyyyy

Do y'all remember when snow days were the best days ever?  You got off school, mom would let you go play outside and then  you'd come inside for hot chocolate and cuddling on the couch.  Yeah well those days are over.

Now to me snow days are having to go outside and shovel or trying to slip and slide my way to work.  There's waiting in lines in grocery stores with all the crazy mofo's who are stocking up for the end of the world.  The only time all the organic, brown eggs are gone from the grocery store is on these days and that shit just pisses me off.

They're calling for a lot of snow in my area tonight into tomorrow and I'm trying to figure out what to do with my life.  I miss the sunshine and the warmer weather.  I hate shoveling, I have the way my car slides on snow, and yes I'm whining but whatever.

There's also that part of a grownup snow day that allows me to pop something into my crock-pot, flip on a Harry Potter marathon and lay on the couch all day.  And suddenly the glass if half full.....


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