Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Link Love

Let the wedding madness officially begin!

Bridal shower: Check. Now onto the bachelorette party.

I have been successfully avoiding Atlantic City for 29 years now, but apparently that ends this weekend. 

I'll report back, or you'll hear me screaming from whatever part of the world you are in.

Help! I need a classic trench ASAP! Possibly this

Dana is giving me life on staying comfy this fall and still looking chic as hell.

Secretly trying to talk my recovering from an Achilles tear sister into getting the silver version of these for her wedding so I can get the black. (Pleassssssse Jackie!!)

My forever blog/girl crush Courtney Kerr has launched a YouTube channel! The first video is basically an ode to her love of big Texas hair and hairspray, and I love it!

As a loyal devotee of SkinnyTaste my jaw practically dropped when I caught this recipe yesterday. Yes, yes, yes.


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