Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mom the Meatloaf!

Summer eating is one of my favorite things.

Farmers markets, veggie stands, fresh everything.

Trying to turn a corner on healthy eating should be easy, but nothing is easy.

I've been searching for those easy recipes for a busy gal, that are perfect for that summer night.

A Greek salad is probably my favorite thing.  The feta, the olives, the light dressing.  Here's an easy recipe I plan on duplicating.

Of course Rosie, The Londoner, has the perfect alternative for your pizza cravings.

Jessica over at My Style Vita has a perfect, flavor packed Mexican dinner I can't wait to try,  With a jalapeƱo marg on the side.

Anyone else just crave a smoothie on a summer morning?  I have been so hard lately, here are another few ideas.

Holy pesto and tomatoes! YES PLEASE. And like 3 ingredients.

And for desert, chocolate chip zucchini bread.

Any ideas, please share.


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