Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Link Love

Currently obsessed with trying different recipes for cauliflower buffalo bites-this one is happening tonight.

Fellow Virgo's, how Virgo are you? At least Queen B is one of us.

On the verge of doing a makeup overhaul, do I go Naked or Chocolate?

Hallie compiled another outfit I'd like to wear all day, every day.  AMEN to being surrounded by boxes.

My love for BlackJaguarWhiteTiger's IG account is  unparalleled. I'm in love with what this foundation does, and these big cats. Why not support the cause?

Tequila in my chicken? Yes please.

Finished Ronda Rousey's book.  It's refreshing to read an autobiography by someone as famous as she is who write with honesty.  There are moments she sucked, and didn't do the right thing, but it's about the journey, and it's a good read.

Need a laugh? Cut to 5:15 in Sprinkle of Glitter's vlog. After a sobfest of a day Saturday, I discovered this gem in "My Suggestions" on  Youtube, and thank god for Louise.

I have a 3000 page paper to write tonight by midnight, so prayers would be accepted.


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