Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Girl Power

When you enter into a blogger world, either as a reader or a participant, you find those people/posts that inspire you.

I'm a loyal reader of a few blogs out there, they are my everyday.  I check them out of outfit inspiration, food porn, or just some fun.

Lets start with who I started with, Rosie over at The Londoner.

I remember stumbling across her on my search for breakfast food, where I found the ultimate egg recipe and then fell in love with her along the way.  She is witty, gorgeous, and takes some of my favorite photos.  Following her around the globe is inspiring, and the food choices never fail, except one for pancakes I'm convinced was my fault.

When it comes to style icons in reality I always go back to Mary over at So Then They Say. She has this simplistic, yet striking style and fashion choices that stop me in my tracks every time.

She is also well traveled and has an eye for interior design that just sucks you in.

When I want my daily reality check I go to Hallie at Corals and Cognacs.  She is real, unedited, and hilarious.

Her style is forward but attainable, and if you follow her on SnapChat, her daily schedules make you want to move your ass. Oh, and girl can walk and SnapChat like a BOSS.

When I want to get business motivated about blogging I go to Cathy at Poor Little It Girl and Jessica at My Style Vita.  Both are the boss ladies for the Southern Blog Society, which is a task I can't even wrap my head around.

If you are ever lacking in inspiration, head over to check them out, the level of organization to not only execute their own blogs, but keep together regions of bloggers blows my mind.  Oh, I'm impatiently waiting for the Northeast chapter to open.

Finally, we have Dana over at Pink Champagne Problems.  She's just the cutest.

Caught my eye as a Pittsburgh Penguins fan (duh), and kept it with her relatable writing and fashion.  Plus I think she likes a cocktail as much as I do, so I feel supported.

I keep getting inspired by these girls, and with my school/work/everything else schedule I am trying to find time to create a space here I'm really proud of.

Good things are coming.


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