Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What's love got to do with it

I was on a road trip with my Mommy this weekend going back to Pittsburgh to watch my Steelers play (and win, holla) and we got to talking about my love life, or lack thereof.  Ok, I've never been one to look for guys, the ones I've ended up with have kinda just falling into my lap before I pushed them out or  they jumped.

I don't have good taste in guys in general (sorry ex's if you're reading!).  I have a thing for bad boys or guys who only show their good side to me, and the times I've given that "nice guy" a shot I got bored.  I think there must be a delicate balance between the complete asshole and the goody guy but we're not there yet.  I don't spend my days worrying about finding a guy, I've been blessed to have a great life, I have fun and I like doing things on my own.

My mom was saying how she's not ready for grandkids, and I pointed out that since I am 27 and single, that isn't coming anytime soon.  After I said that it actually dawned on me that I've never been properly in love, I've thought I was in love with a guy who probably (definitely) wasn't in love with me, but I've never been blissfully, hit over the head in love.

My wonderful mother, being the voice of reason she is, reminded me that we are the same.  She reminded me that she had never been in love with a guy and barely dated before she met my dad.  She was fiercely independent like I am (it's hereditary) and just always thought her life would go on just the same and she would've been OK with that.  She reminded me that her and my dad were best friends, she was not interested in him and after some time he had to inform her that they were in love and then she finally realized it was true.

We are modern people, yet society makes you feel like you should be in love and married before the age of 30 as a woman.  I cannot imagine anyone coming into my life to make me want to change the awesome things I get to do right now, but I know that if it happens I'll embrace it.  I don't want to date online, it creeps me out, sorry it's not for me.

I'm happy alone, I know that's against the society norm but I am. If I want to wake up at noon on a Saturday and lay on my couch watching Game of Thrones all day I do it.  If I want to go out until 4 am with my girls, I do it.  I like not answering to anyone.

I know I'll get those questions whenever I run into someone I haven't seen for a while, I'll smile and tell them "no I'm still single" and they'll give me a courtesy smile, but they have no idea how lucky I am.  I have built a life all by myself, I have done things alone that some people would not be able to handle alone.  I have gone through life creating amazing relationships that have not been severed by a break-up or awkwardness.

I'll deal with a dude when it happens, until then I will continue to base my love life off of the things I learned from The Hills like every rationale person in my generation.


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