Monday, October 28, 2013

Texas Forever

So this weekend has been interesting, Friday we found out a relative had passed away, and we found out via Facebook, yep that is the fun side of the family we don't deal with.  I got to find out that sometimes when someone dies that you don't have a great relationship with it still hurts, but what else do you do but bounce back with insane organizing, room planning, and a girls movie night?

My best friend's brother just got back from Texas and now she wants to go. Little does she know that me and my twin/bff/little sister I never had CBK have been planning a trip to the Lone Star state forever.  I have this fascination with Texas, and I'm convinced my future husband is wearing a flannel shirt and boots down there.

While on the Texas note, I have a hair appointment on Wednesday, and I currently looks like someone who hasn't been properly maintained/doesn't care about her hair.  I have always been a blonde, my blonde hair has been passed down from my grandfather and is my thing.  Everyone else in my family has brown hair, but I'm the one who always looked adopted.  I want a change and when I say change there's no way in hell I am dying my hair dark.

I have longish hair right now, and I'm dying to cut it, but everytime I do I regret it the next day when I try to style it again.  My hair skills are at a kindergarden level so I need something that is low maintence.  So the choices that I have come up with are as follows.

For Color:
And cut choices:

And bringing it back to Texas with Miss Courtney Kerr:
Ok I'm obsessed with this lady, she is southern, gorgeous, hilarious and independent.  After Most Eligible Dallas was on I stalked her website because the way she dresses is AH-Mazing and I was SOOOO excited to hear she got her own show Courtney Loves Dallas

She also adopted the cutest doggie Fancy, which she always Instagrams about and anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for people who post pictures of their doggies.

She's a Dallas girl, and I'm convinced my new BFF so theres yet another reason that I need to head south ASAP and see what that big state is all about.

Texas forever

p.s. if you have an opinion on the hair choices please share!!!

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  1. We should totes plan a meet-up with Court when we're down there...